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Women’s Business Authors

Our vision is to connect, support and empower business women to be all they can be. We carefully select authors who are experts in their field and are always looking for new talent so get in touch if you would like to write for us or enter in to meet our amazing team of authors. Exclusively for silver and above members. dots

Jen Hall - Business Clarity CoachJen Hall - Business Clarity Coach

Jen Hall
Business Clarity Coach, Mindset Master & Fear Fixer

”Hi my name’s Jen Hall, and I help female entrepreneurs who coach or mentor, to find clarity on their passion, niche and ideal client in order market their business effectively, feel ‘on fire’ and in pure alignment with their purpose, and to start building a tribe of perfect prospects that convert into paying clients!”

Jen's mission is to motivate and enable women to create the life they want, be who they've always wanted to be, in a business that is a true reflection of themselves; so that they may share their unique gifts with the world!

'Don't play small, you are here to shine!'

Lorah-Kelly BeardLorah-Kelly Beard

Hi! My name is Lorah-Kelly and I am the Creative Director of Women's Business Club and a business photographer at www.lorahkelly.co.uk . My passion is to bring creativity in to the business world, allowing us all to fully be ourselves and do what we love with excellence, skill and success!


Hello! I'm Nicky Rees, founder of The Small Business Marketing Goddess. I'm on a mission to help female business owners to unleash their inner Marketing Goddess to take their business to the next level!

Nikita TejaaNikita Tejaa

Hi my name is Nikita! I am 20 years old and am currently studying for an English Literature degree, at the University of Gloucestershire. I enjoy reading, baking and playing the piano!


Hi, I'm Olivia!
I'm a 20 year old Undergrad currently studying Media Production with a love for designing, socialising and generally living life to the fullest!


Sheryl Andrews, Founder of Step by Step Listening, is well known for her fast speaking and her passion to make things happen. She runs workshops and retreats helping others to break down the barriers that prevent you from knowing you are enough and you matter, leaving you with clarity of what you want and the confidence to ask for it.

Sofia Pacifico ReisSofia Pacifico Reis

Hi I'm Sofia from increaseyoursocialreach.com and I'm your "No-Limits" Social Media Strategist. I help businesses leverage social media marketing and integrate it into their business goals and objectives. When you work with me, we'll follow a 3 step system to reduce the overwhelm and time "suck" and able you to increase your online visibility authentically and with a purpose.

Zita AlvesZita Alves

I am a health and fitness coach who is passionate about helping women over the age of 40 to feel healthier and happier through 1-1 personal training in Bath and Somerset, Zest Bootcamp outdoor group exercise classes in Bath or via online programmes.

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Angela De Souza
I am a mother of four amazing children, one grandchild and married to a very handsome Brazilian man! In my spare time I am an author, speaker, trainer and business mentor. My favourite thing to do is play my piano and sing (loudly and out of tune I'm afraid) as well as go for long walks or short runs! We have some seriously cute British shorthair cats that we breed and if you come visit you may end up with cute kittens climbing up your leg. Mostly I love connecting, supporting and empowering business women through our awesome Women's Business Club.

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