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Businesses owners from all over the UK gather for a day of business networking, exhibiting, inspiring talks and a chance to explore some of their business needs. Spend a day working on your business and not in it – you and your business deserve it! Our speakers are trained professionals who are experts in their field offering you the highest quality content available. Check out our speakers below.

Apply to speak:
We have 5 speaker slots available each year as part of our Gold exhibitor package. To apply simply book Gold and we will be in touch. If we are sold out for this year feel free to apply for future years as these slots are snapped up super quickly.

Angela De Souza

Angela is the founder and director of the fast-growing national network of executives and entrepreneurs, the Women’s Business Club. She is a passionate entrepreneur, mother of four beautiful children, one grandchild, speaker, author and business woman. Born in West Sussex, she spent all of her childhood in South Africa and now lives in Cheltenham with her Brazilian husband, Eric. Her years of business and life experience means that she can offer both entertaining but also valuable business talks. You are guaranteed to be inspired to be more, to get ahead of your competitors and to enjoy your life in the process.


Jen Hall

Hi my name’s Jen Hall, I’m a Business Clarity Coach for female entrepreneurs who coach, train or mentor. I help you to find clarity on your passion, niche and ideal client in order to market your business effectively, feel ‘on fire’ and in pure alignment with your purpose, and to start building a tribe of perfect prospects that convert into paying clients!

I am a proud winner of Speaker of the Year from last years Maximise Conference and have been published in YFS and Thrive Global. I have spoken at the Women’s Business Club on various occasions and am also a Leader of the Women’s Business Club in Cardiff.

I am excited to be speaking at Maximise again this year and I hope to inspire many of you to push yourselves further to reach beyond what you thought was possible for you and your business!


Jillian Haslam

Ready for your wake-up call? The truth is everyone has within them the ability to become extraordinary and it doesn’t require exceptional talent or skill to realise that potential, just the right mindset and words of encouragement. Jillian, with her warmth, inspirational words and her truly engaging way of speaking, will help you develop that mindset. She will wake you up and get you excited about the future and what you can accomplish in it. In all Jillian’s studies into neurology and how the mind works, she learnt so much to help herself. Now she wants to share all those discoveries with other people – for their benefit. In sharing details of her story, she shows others how to learn the right steps and find the ideal path to their own Irrepressible Mind. As numerous highly satisfied audience members have said, “If only I’d known all that earlier!”


Robin Waite

My coaching programme was born out of a deep passion for business and personal development. I always strive to improve the efficiency and profitability within the companies I run. My 16 years experience in business helps my coaching clients on a daily basis within their businesses. I believe the central core to my coaching programme can help ANY business. Making it more profitable and less stressful. I believe in working hard, all of the time, and ALWAYS being the coach.


Andrea Sexton

I’m Andrea Sexton and I run a PR company from my hometown of Dursley in Gloucestershire. I have run my own company for 5 years and am best known for my work in the sports, health and IT sectors. I work with any brand, business or individual who needs to promote a product or an event. I call myself the “queen of the small budget” and love finding creative and innovative ways to help a business stand out from the crowd. I’m looking forward to sharing my favourite tips to help you promote your business for free – or as close to free as possible!