Women’s Business Club Online Membership

For far too long I have invested in helping everyone else find their voice while keeping myself quietly in the background! You will be very surprised to find out some of the well known names who were actually mentored or supported by me in their early days. I feel so proud of all the business owners who are flourishing because I believed in them and invested in them. Of course, I don't take full credit, life is a journey and we all have several influencers along the way who help us unleash our full potential and I have had the privilege of being one of those key influencers in quite a few businesses.

I would like to share some of the secrets that I have discovered with so many more businesswomen and have decided that the best way to reach as many as possible will be through our online membership while you are waiting for a club to launch near you. This will be an opportunity for many more businesswomen to find their own voice in the business world, grow into the success that they deserve and do the things they never dreamed possible. It is my great honour to make myself, along with other business leaders, available to you on a regular basis so that you have all the support and inspiration that you need to become the business success that you dream of.

Best of all - online members can now access our fantatic Success Story System.

Welcome to the Club

Your business success is largely determined by the people you have around you. Getting the best possible support and training in business is a sure way to get ahead. As a Women's Business Club member, you will have exclusive access to Women's Business Club founder Angela De Souza each and every week along with mentoring and training from other well-known business experts in their field.

While you are waiting for a club to launch near you, enjoy the benefits of an online membership for only £19.99 + VAT per month or join a club local to you with a full membership. Tap into our national network of businesswomen, sharing expertise and generating new business regularly and consistently.

Commit to an annual online membership a receive, two months extra free, a print version of Your Success Story and a £50 Amazon voucher if booked in Dec 2019. Sign up now here for only £240 + VAT for one year.

What People Are Saying:

"Angela has done a huge amount throughout 2016/17 to help support me and launch my coaching business. She is incredibly generous with her time and all of the people around her. I couldn't recommend Angela more highly." - Robin Waite, Author and Business Coach

"Angela has tailored her expertise around my business and is helping me to lay the foundations for successful business growth." - Jen Hall, Award Winning Business Coach, Author, Speaker

"Angela is someone who makes things happen and leads from the front - yet is happy to coach and develop colleagues and members of her team. It has been a delight to work with her, her knowledge is top notch and I recommend her to anyone with business challenges at any level." - Nigel Knowlman, Chartered Marketer

Why Join Us:

Make Your Business Stand Out

As an online member of the Women's Business Club, you get the opportunity to blatantly advertise your business and offers in our members-only areas both on our website and social media. It's a great opportunity to reach a national audience of businesswomen without being knocked down for blatant advertising! Simply start your post with #MemberAdvert to alert the moderators. Get involved now in our members-only Facebook Group and LinkedIn group.

Learn from Industry Experts

As part of our group of expert businesswomen, you will be able to get valuable advice from other experts in their respective fields. Start your question with #MemberQuestion. Are you an expert in your field? Position yourself as the 'go to' person in your sector and share your knowledge with thousands of businesswomen across the UK. Look out for our regular Facebook live talks from our experts or offer to contribute as a speaker in our group too.

Access an Exclusive Member Forum

Enjoy a completely private members-only area where businesswomen can connect with each other, discuss challenges and issue in the forum, promote their offers, events, products and services and access both the local and national network. It’s a fantastic place to get away from the distraction of social media, sponsored post, etc and get down to business with other businesswomen.

Be Challenged and Coached

Each week we will give you a business challenge with our #truthordare special. This is a fantastic way to push yourself ahead in business and to get specialist coaching from our experts.

Get Free Business Resources

Go to the File tab in the group for a range of resources and content to support you in your business growth as well as free downloads each week. We also offer templates that are downloadable fully editable documents with supporting help files in our Resources area. Non-members may purchase these items individually but members are sent a code to get them at no extra charge.

Shout About Your Special Offers

Members are invited share their offers with other members, simply use #MemberOffer to start your post and specify whether these are Women's Business Club only offers or for the general public.