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06 June – Because We Can

Benefit your business while benefiting society.

Businesses can expand their client base, elevate their profile, increase productivity and cut costs if they assume a caring attitude towards their local community. Giving back is a way for businesses to benefit themselves while also benefiting humanity. It is a common misconception that giving back is only for big companies. All size businesses benefit from being generous – from the smallest business to the billion pound businesses. Building a reputation as a responsible business sets you apart. You can not only give back to your society but you will also gain if you understand how to use it effectively.


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In June you will: 

  • Understand giving back and how it applies to you
  • Learn how to maximise CSR opportunities
  • Improve your brand value and reputation
  • Gain publicity for your business 

Join us at one of our June events as we take a look at how to understand and use CSR in your business at our Business Lunches or Mastermind Boardroom. Find dates and locations at www.calendar.womensbusiness.club

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