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What does Quality mean to you?

There is no doubt that Quality gets used again and again but if you asked someone to define what they mean by Quality every answer will vary slightly. It may relate to a product or service or the performance and specifications. My concern is do people really understand the value of the Quality management system?
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Karosa Jewellery

Nestled in the beautiful Forest of Dean, Karin Whittaker of Karosa Jewellery offers exclusively designed jewellery from ethically sourced silver and gold.  Each piece is unique and hand-crafted with love and care.  Reclaimed and Fairtrade metals are used in all Karosa Jewellery pieces.     Karin has been a member of the Women’s Business Club since
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I’m so grateful

When was the last time you sat down and thought about all the things you are grateful for? Not something we do much but why not get a gratitude journal going or even use a jam jar! In a busy world where we often focus on what we haven’t achieved or what we don’t have
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Gain ‘Super Human’ Productivity with Mindfulness

Up until recently I was always told that as soon as I hit a certain age my brain will have formed and reached its full potential and I could no longer learn new things and if I wanted to be successful (whatever that meant for them) then as a child I needed to knuckle down
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Girls and Cars

We recently visited Lexus Cheltenham to chat to Joanna Herbert about her success within a male dominated industry as a business fleet manager.  Lorah Kelly from Strawberry Studios took some fantastic photos which can’t all be included in the Women’s Business Magazine so we though we would share them with you here.  To read Joanna’s inspiring
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