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The Women’s Business Club was founded by Angela De Souza who wanted to set up a business network that she would like to attend where she felt comfortable being herself and accepted as a woman in business. From the very first event in January 2013 to today the club has stayed true to it’s calling to serve business women and supporting them in their growth and success whilst encouraging feminine leadership. Find out more about our awesome team below.

Angela De SouzaAngela De Souza
Managing Director
Angela’s passion has always been to bring out the potential locked away inside of women and to offer practical training to women in business and in life. This passion and her wealth of experience, successes and many failures, has grown into what we now know as the Women’s Business Club. Angela is guilty of squashing as much as possible into her diary and also loves kittens and often has a few climbing up her leg in the office.

Angela De Souza
Eric De Souza
Systems Director
Eric has a degree in software engineering and is responsible for the systems and SEO side of the company. He is the one Angela goes to whenever she has a meltdown and feels like she wants to throw all her toys out of the cot. Eric is also the copy editor and general IT help when needed. Eric is passionate about getting apostrophes in the correct place as well as playing his guitar as fast as humanly possible! He also loves cats!

Lorah-Kelly BeardLorah-Kelly Beard
Creative Director
Lorah-Kelly has a gift, everything she touches ends up looking pretty. She also has the unique ability to read Angela’s mind and put up with her ever changing ideas. Everything in print and on our website and social media that is beautifully creative is done by Lorah-Kelly as she puts a lot into what she does and her passion really shines through. Lorah writes about being a working mum at Mother Duck where she shows us a thing or two about juggling!

Caryl HodgsonCaryl Hodgson
Sales Director

Caryl is a vibrant, passionate entrepreneur and brings her many years marketing experience to the Women’s Business Club. She is also founded and owned a luxury handbag and accessories boutique. Caryl lives with her entrepreneur husband, two lovely teenage children and a cat! In her spare time she loves to play tennis and attend her outdoor fitness club.

Alison Dunevein-Gordon
VIP Social Events Director

Alison is passionate about helping other businesswomen to achieve their professional and personal goals. She started her first business in the late 80’s which taught her many entrepreneurial lessons that are especially valuable today. Having successfully set up and grown Swindon Women’s Business Club, I’m now concentrating on growing the Mastermind Boardroom in Wiltshire.

Nikita Tejaa
PR Assistant
Nikita is a big believer in supporting women and being positive. She is also keen to help children all over the world, no matter their gender, religion, ethnicity etc. to have the opportunity to have an education. Nikita would love to travel the world one day, as she enjoys going to new places. She has always enjoyed reading, playing the piano and baking and would love to open her own bakery one day.

Stephanie Spelman
Member Support
Stephanie has spent her whole career striving to keep others organised and takes pleasure in bringing calm to the chaos! She is an expert planner and list writer and never leaves the house without her diary. She has amassed a variety of skills and experience in all things admin. When she’s not whipping others into shape, she’s practising her child wrangling skills and endeavouring to keep the tea trade thriving.

Kerry SeymourKerry Seymour
Maximise Support
Kerry is a Psychology graduate and has experience of working in healthcare, both in the public and voluntary sector. Kerry is passionate about support women in business and offers a range of admin and business support services to help women grow their business whilst maintaining a good work-life balance! She lives with her husband, two young children and their retired greyhound.

This could be you!
VA Support

We are currently looking for more VA support for the Wimbledon, Southampton and Cardiff clubs.  Get in touch to apply.